Empowering children and families to overcome 

stressful and traumatic life events 

Children today confront a wide variety of stressful and potentially traumatic events that can overwhelm their natural ability to cope and heal. Experiences related to a death in the family, health care and hospitalization or issues with daily routine events can lead to feelings of fear, confusion, loss of control, and isolation that can inhibit their natural development and have negative effects on their physical and emotional health. 

Our Family-Centred Approach to Overcoming Challenge

It's a Child's Life is the first company in Manitoba to offer Community Child Life Services directly to families. We utilize a family-centred care approach to our operations, which recognizes the vital role of family in a child's life. Shira D. Zipursky, our Certified Child Life Specialist, provides the tools and knowledge your family needs to successfully overcome whatever obstacles life throws in your direction.

Seven Reasons You Should Contact It’s a Child’s Life 

  1. Your child needs emotional support with the potential stress, anxiety and/or misconceptions while dealing with challenging/traumatic life events including the death of family member, chronic illness diagnosis, divorce, the start of school, etc.
  2. You want your child to know about a scheduled procedure or surgery that will occur and need to communicate information in simple, easy to understand language that is developmentally appropriate.
  3. You want to offer your child a chance to learn coping strategies for use during painful/ intrusive treatments and anxiety provoking times.
  4. Your child would benefit from therapeutic intervention such as preparation, distraction, and pain management.
  5. You would like to understand your child’s perception of his/her or a family member’s diagnosis and treatment of a serious illness.
  6. Your child is having issues surrounding daily routines including taking medication, eating, drinking, sleeping, going to school, etc.
  7. You would like to ensure your child encounters a friendly environment while visiting the hospital, doctor or dental office.

 Shira D. Zipursky, Certified Child Life Specialist | Email: shira@itsachildslife.ca